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Quilt Recipes

Quilt Recipes is the latest book from Jen Kingwell combining her love of quilting with her love of baking.  The recipes have been passed down to her from her mom.  Years in the making, Jen has dreams of creating a book that showcases quilts in a new light, where they shine alongside stunning interior design and push the boundaries of how quilts have traditionally been perceived.  Quilt Recipes is a brilliant pairing of 12 captivating, pieced quilting projects and 9 family favorite, delectable deserts from Jen's mom's kitchen.  As quilters, stitchers, and makers, we fill our lives with like minded friendships, feed our souls with hand of machine stitching, and love to treat ourselves and others to decadent desserts.  Whether you are a hand of machine piecer, one can relish in each recipe, whether it be a quilt or perhaps something sweet.  These patchwork quilts use a variety of techniques including machine and hand piecing, hand appliqué, and hand quilting.  Full-side paper patterns make template creation quick and simple.  

There are 9 yummy baking recipes and treats - sponge cake, chocolate cake, raisin cookies, ginger biscuits, orange cake, powder puffs, passion fruit shortcakes and cupcakes.

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